Veszprém local bus route finder

Veszprém is a big city, if you want to see all of it’s beauty, you have to take a taxi or bus. We made the Veszprém local bus route finder, so you don’t have to dig deep in the bus shedule!

Just pick a station where you would like to go, then choose the station where you would like to get on the bus, and boom we list you the exact times, when the bus arrives to the starting station.

Where would you like to go (end station)


From where (start station)

The number in the parenthesis like (12) represents the number of the bus. It is alwayes showed on the front and side of the bus, instead of the starting and end stations name.

Veszprém local bus map

We made a Veszprém local bus map, so you can find the nearest bus station to your destination. Just click on the bus icon, to find out the name of the station.

Here is another map, that represents the order of the stations on the bus routes.

Helyijárat Veszprém térképe
Veszprémi local bus route map

Local bus ticket price in Veszprém

At the moment we write this article, the price of a local bus ticket in Veszprém is 250 Ft if you buy it in a shop, and 330 Ft if you buy it on the bus.

If you would like to travel all day with local bus, you can buy a whole day ticket, which costs 1100 Ft.